He Tried to Hammer His Father to Death and Was Imprisoned for It, Then He Found Jesus


David Wood -Screen Grab via YouTube-CBNWhen he was in high school, Christian apologist David Wood thought he was the next level of human evolution. He ignored normal social behavior to the point where he decided his own father was getting in his way and he tried to hammer him to death. It was while serving time in prison for his crime however that he said everything changed after he tried a little faith.

“I was in high school biology when evolutionary theory was laid out for us…I concluded that I was at a higher state of humanity where I wasn’t held back by emotions to what other people were so I came to regard the rules that other people follow as kind of brainwashing me,” he said Wood in an interview with CBN.

So Wood started acting out. He broke into places and got himself into a world of trouble until he decided to do the unthinkable.

“I felt like I was stripping away these layers of rules people had been imposing on me my entire life. It was an amazing feeling. I really wanted to be free of everything I had been brainwashed to thinking about right and wrong and I decided to kill my dad,” he said.

Wood however didn’t want to just kill his father, he wanted to take his life brutally.

“I decided to do it in a brutal fashion, not a gunshot. I was gonna do it with a hammer. When I walked up to my dad I’ve got a hammer in my hand, I hit him in the head seven or eight times until I thought he was dead and I just left,” he said.

Luckily, before the last breath of life left his father help arrived.

“One of his friends Jim, found him covered in blood, took him to a hospital and so I went to my mom. ‘Hey, I may have done this’ because I think I’m being told on at that moment. Instead of taking me to the police or anything, she took me to a psychiatric hospital. They made a report based on the time that I was there. It said ‘antisocial personality disorder,’” he explained.

Wood however was later removed from the psychiatric hospital and taken to jail. He was convicted of malicious wounding and sentenced to 10 years in prison where he clashed with Christianity.

“There was a Christian named Randy and he was a bit different from everyone else and one day he was reading his Bible and I walked up to him and I said ‘Hey you know why you’re reading your Bible? You’re reading your Bible because you were born in the United States. If you were born in China you’d be a Buddhist, if you were born in India you’d be a Hindu, if you were born in Saudi Arabia you’d be a Muslim. It’s people like you who believe what you’re taught to believe,” said Wood.

“He started arguing with me and started tearing me to pieces. He was very different from other Christians I had argued with in the past and I ended up with, for a couple of months a series of arguments about Christianity with Randy versus my worldview,” he explained.

Wood realized that Randy was beating him during the arguments and chalked up his advantage to his knowledge of the Bible. So he decided to invest some time in reading Scripture and was surprised.

“I have to say that I was impressed with Jesus. I went from thinking that I’m the best person in the world to thinking I’m the worst person in the world. The question came up, either I’m stuck like this or there is someone out there who can deal with this who out of anyone had the ability to change, radically change severely messed up people?” he said.

“It’s Jesus or it’s nothing. It’s Jesus or no hope. I bowed down and I prayed and I said ‘God, I don’t know if I’m gonna believe in you tomorrow but I believe in you right now. If you can do anything with me you’re welcome to it. And I ran through the sinner’s prayer that I’d heard there in the jail. When I sat up, the whole world looked different. I was in a different place like everything was a different color and I didn’t know if this was something weird going on and I didn’t want to hurt anyone at that point and some amazing calm…I finally could just sit down and rest,” said Wood.

From that point on, Woods commit his life to Jesus and he decided to come clean with his father about the hammer attack.

“While I was in prison I thought it would be bad to confess.  My dad had no recollection (of what had happened) but I’m a Christian now, I can’t spend my entire life saying I haven’t done something that I’d done. I’m gonna write a letter to my dad right now and lay everything out to him. He came to see me at the first chance and he said, ‘it’s ok’ and he forgives me. He told me, he said ‘I really didn’t think you did it.’ And for him to hear all that at once and forgive me it’s amazing stuff,” said Woods who spent collectively, a little more than five years in jail and prison.

When he was released in 2000. He said he immediately enrolled in college where he met his wife.

“I was arguing with a young woman who was an agnostic and she eventually became a Christian and we were married the following year,” he said.

“We have kids and getting to watch them grow up. Given the things I’ve done, I should not be able to have this normal life.  It kind of blows me away. I want  people out there to know that there is a creator to this world, there is a point to this world, that other people are important and it’s not just about you,” he said.



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      • That’s just a brainless inbred Muslim reaction.
        They have nothing Intelligent to say so just shout “Liar!”
        David Wood has proven the Quran/Islam false time and time again.
        The Muslim community sees him as the nemesis of Islam.
        David Wood is a sociopath though. It’s very evident.

  1. Shafeeq, Why in the world would you say he is a liar?

    I see above where MM asked the same question to which you you give no reply or reason…..could it be because you have no faith and hate that through Christ people can and will change?

  2. I was very impressed with Mr. Wood since I first saw him. I have to say though, now that I know about him trying to kill his father in a such a brutal fashion, well, I can’t forgive him as easily as did his father. This really freaks me out. O.K. was he mentally ill? That means something I guess. I’m simply not equipped to begin to understand mental illness that would have you trying to smash your father’s head in with a ball peen hammer.

    I think he’s doing important work though. We have to tell the world that doesn’t know all about Islam. Up until six months ago, I thought Islam was simply a religion like all others more or less. Once I started to dive into the Quran and the Hadiths, I changed my viewpoint rapidly.

    The Quran and the accompanying Hadiths are quite simply EVIL. That’s all there is to it. I challenge anyone to spend one hour going through the Quran and the Hadiths, along with other’s viewpoints of both. If you think after this that Islam is a “religion of peace”, you are failing to read the applicable chapters.

    And don’t write back talking about the Old Testament. For one Christians don’t follow it any longer and for seconds, we now have this “new” book called….”The new Testament”.

    Lastly, no matter what either christian book says, you can’t find many thousands of them that call for stoning adulterous woman, or cutting off the limbs of thieves, or even cutting the heads off of anyone that leaves our religion.

    And we certainly don’t advocate “punishing” anyone for simply having a different viewpoint of what God is. It’s really something how “liberals” can spout off so much about inclusion and love, then immediately pepper spray anyone that disagrees with their opinion. That’s of course on the rare occasion that they can even describe what their views are.

    Have you ever seen a liberal interviewed? In one case over half of the pussies wearing masks in a protest didn’t even vote. How’s that for hipocrisy hmmm?

    • Idiot, have you ever bothered reading Gospel because Jesus said that the laws of Old Testament must be followed in order to be saved.

      • Quite the contrary. After he died he looked up and said I make all things new the Old Testament is the law of God and Christ is the Fulfillment of that law paid the penalty for our sins we do not follow the Old Testament we follow what Christ teaches in the New Testament study the word of God so you understand better

  3. The fact that he is claiming to be Christian and is obsessed with denigrating Islam, while ignoring the antagonistic role of Judaism is a telltale sign he is a Zionist not a Christian. And still a sociopath at that.

    • Yap. Also has no concerns for all the Catholic kids that were molested by their priest. Rather concentrate on the Muslims rather than helping his own

  4. David Woods did more for Christianity than all Popes put together

    Outstanding arguments
    Amazing past and amazing change
    A proper man

    Even if i am not that religious, i love this man arguments

    Well done

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