How Presidential Candidate John Kasich Found God After Death of Parents


John Kasich - Creative Commons
Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 63.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, 63, could have completely lost it when a drunk driver killed both his parents in 1987, instead, he says, the tragedy helped him find the Lord.

Speaking at a barbecue restaurant in Orangeburg, South Carolina on Friday, the Republican presidential candidate told a crowd that “the glue that keeps us all together” is “the power of the Lord” according to the New York Times.

Kasich explained that he would always worry that his parents wouldn’t come home one day when he was a little boy because of a treacherous route his father would have to take late at night after picking up his mother. His fears never found life he said, until his parents were killed in 1987 forcing him to look to a higher power.

“But in 1987, I’m in Washington, D.C., and I get a phone call,” he said. “They didn’t come home one night. A drunk driver hit them and killed my father on site, and my mother died the next day.”

His comments were moving.

“Has anybody ever been where your whole world was black, and you got a little pinprick of light?” Kasich asked. “And then when you see that, you know you got to just take it one hour at a time.”

“That’s when you know you got to lean on something bigger than yourself,” he said, “and I went through it, and I got to tell you: The Lord gave me the grace to fully recover and put me in a position to be aware of other people’s problems.”

His parents’ death became a blessing he explained, because it was through their death that he found the Lord.

“My parents didn’t die in vain,” he said, “because I found the Lord, in a real way.”

Kasich’s story of faith is now part of a new television commercial in South Carolina in which he declares: “I discovered my purpose by discovering the Lord.”

Watch the ad below:


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