After Massive Strokes Almost Kill Her Husband, Wife of 39-Y-O Pastor Banks on Faith


Pastor Ron Greene, his wife Tanya and their two sons.
Pastor Ron Greene, his wife Tanya and their two sons.

A few months ago Pastor Ron Greene, 39, of Destiny Life Church in Melbourne, Florida lifted his flock with his booming voice and inspiring words.

Life-threatening strokes earlier this year however, have left him speechless and bound to a wheelchair. And despite his struggles, his wife Tanya believes God will make him whole again.

“My expectation is at an all-time high … any day now,” Tanya told Florida Today in a recent interview.  “I promised my sons that I was bringing Daddy back home.”

Tanya, who is also executive pastor of Destiny Life Church was returning to the pulpit for the first time since her husband suffered the life-changing strokes which have left him in need of 24-hour medical care. When she sees her husband who is a father of four sons however, Tanya sees him as a living “miracle” and it’s one of the reasons she believes God will revive him.

She explained that her husband’s illness first manifested itself as they were leaving a restaurant on March 1. He lost strength in his legs.

“He had just ministered the day before and preached three services. I knew he was really, really exhausted. But he wanted to keep our routine,” said Tanya. “As we were leaving the restaurant, his legs went out from under him. Up to this point he was perfectly healthy…he kept saying, ‘mind over matter.’”

By the time her husband was rushed to the ER however, things took a turn for the worse and he was admitted for several days. On March 6, he was hit with the first of several strokes and doctors diagnosed him with a rare condition called Moyamoya disease. It is a neurological syndrome that causes arteries and blood vessels serving the brain to constrict.

Doctors were forced to do a number of brain surgeries.

“They told us his brain looked like the brain of an 80-year-old man. He had been having mini-strokes. I couldn’t believe it. He had just released his second book, he was going to the gym, there were no signs of anything,” said Tanya.

“And here he was, still in ICU, getting worse,” added the dutiful wife who stayed with her husband round-the-clock praying and asking God to heal him.

After more surgeries according to Florida Today, Apostle Ron as her husband is also known was placed on life support for one month. During that time his kidneys also started to fail and he suffered two more massive strokes.

“He just went from worse to death. He had five strokes in two weeks. I just thank God for my faith. He was fighting for his life,” said Tanya.

Now, after months of medical struggles says Tanya, Apostle Ron appears to be on the mend and his progress has even surprised his doctors.

“What I know is that my husband’s assignment is not over,” she said. “Each day I have the privilege of waking up next to the miracle. God is going to do the thing.”



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