Rastafarian Attacks Christian Father With Knife in Jamaica and God Steps In


Valamar Thompson - Jamaica - Lead
Valomar Thompson, 36.

UPDATE: Rastafarian Dies a Week After Epic Conversion to Christianity 

Even Valomar Thompson, 36, was shocked by the way God delivered him out of the hands of a violent Rastafarian man who threatened to end his life with a knife for preaching Christ on a commuter bus two Saturdays ago.

“I can tell you the truth, I did not think that God would do it immediately or any at all. And immediately when I saw that I was shocked. I was even afraid too. When I saw the reaction in the gentleman it was like I was in a surreal world, like something else was taking place and it was just a dream or something,” said Thompson.

The young Christian father who is a member of the Power of Faith Ministries International Church  in the city of Portmore, Jamaica, tells Mustard Seed Stories that the Lord sent him to preach on the commuter bus last Saturday morning and he decided to obey.

He said he got dressed, walked from his home until he reached the neighborhood of Waterford where he boarded the bus. He then began preaching a message about hell and repentance.

Shortly after he started preaching however the Rastafarian boarded the bus and was soon trying to shut him up by berating him with expletives.

Rastafari is a religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, after the coronation of Haile Selassie I as King of Ethiopia in 1930. It adherents believe Haile Selassie is God and that he will return members of the black community who are living in exile as the result of colonization and the slave trade.

Thompson said the Rastafarian told him there is no God and vulgarly dismissed him as a beggar. With a receptive crowd en route to Kingston to attend the popular Coronation market in the bus however, Thompson ignored the Rastafarian and continued to preach.

Suddenly, people in the bus begin shuffling, then a woman began to scream “he has a knife, he has a knife.”

“My back was turned to him and when I heard the commotion and the person screaming ‘he has a knife, he has a knife,’ I turned around and I faced him,” said Thompson.

“‘Hey boy, didn’t you hear me say there is no God? It’s JAH, Rastafari,’” Thompson said his attacker told him.

The Rastafarian then told him if he didn’t stop preaching he would gut him with his knife.

The preacher had grown angry but in that moment he said something came over him and he declared powerfully declared to the Rastafarian: “If there is no God, you will prevail over me with this knife in your hand. But if there is a God that made you and I, you will not speak another word to me or in the presence of these people.”

Immediately, says the preacher, “that man could not speak” and it sent shivers through everyone on the bus that witnessed it.

The dumbstruck Rastafarian also shocked by his inability to speak began ripping out his dreadlocks.

“When he was trying to make sounds… and saw that he could not make a sound from his mouth he started pulling out his hair. He was just grabbing his hair, violently ripping his hair. And then persons, they saw, because God allowed witnesses to see what was happening it was an uproar,” said Thompson.

Even the driver was forced to stop the bus and marvel at what had happened to the Rastafarian.

Everyone on the bus was amazed “that the mighty hand of God had done this thing.”

“I too I must admit, I too was frightened,” said Thompson who had no idea God would have answered his prayer “immediately.”

The preacher said when he reached his stop he prayed and asked God to release the tongue of the Rastafarian who had been dumbstruck for just over a minute.

“You may speak in the name of the Lord Jesus. Let you know that he is God,” Thompson said he told his attacker while pointing at him.

Immediately, as he said that, the Rastafarian was able to speak and the encounter forced him to confess the Lord Jesus.

Thompson said he ministered to the Rastafarian on the bus who declared: “Now I know that Jesus is Lord.”

The story however doesn’t end there. Thompson said the Rastafarian told him that he was once a deacon at a church in Manchester Parish on the western end of the island but renounced Christ after he was introduced to Rastafari.

He later joined a community of Rastafarians called Judgement Yard.

When he joined the camp, the backslidden deacon was given a new name.  Thompson who was unable to say how unable to say how long his new convert was in the Judgement Yard, said by the length of his locks it appears to have been a significant period of time.

“I have now seen the wondrous work of almighty God in such a way that I have never seen it before,” said Thompson.

As for his attacker said Thompson: “He’s a converted believer now. He said to me that after he had renounced Christ he had not remembered his real name again until he said ‘yes’ to Christ again.”

The man was reunited with his church in Manchester after the camp kicked him out on learning of his conversion and Thompson and his church are working to get him readjusted to life as a Christian.

Listen to Valomar Thompson tell his story below:

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  1. Indeed God is amazing.. I shiver every time I hear this story… God is still in business.. He proves himself right there on spot…. When we use our faith in God he says we can tell mountain to move and it shall be done….

  2. Wonderful wonderful powerful testimony, God is an awesome God and he reigns in heaven above, I’ve been sharing this testimony all over to let people know that my God is real and all powerful he just needs vessels of honour to use.

  3. God s soo awesome, indeed God s a goood God, whn yu think dat a person s right off by man but not by God, look what the Lord as done, me no stop sen dis testimony aalll ova, N.Y. England, Canada, name it. To God be de Glory mybbrother

  4. God is just awesome,,, this testimony cause me to trust God even more it also teaches me obedience to God and his words

  5. Be still and know that God is God, people seem to forget how mighty God’s hand is…….. this testimony not just only proves how much you trust in God Mar, but just how powerful our God is!

  6. Powerful testimony that is the God that we serve never failing.This is the word spoken according to St.Luke 10/19.

  7. When the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.

    To God be all the glory. Continue to be obedient to Him my brother and walk in His blessings

  8. God is a good god I don’t know how people don’t believe in god, lord have mercy on this land…lord cover your people under your blood

  9. Blessed be the name of Jesus Christ. Indeed no one can contest the name of Jesus because all shall Kneel at his feet. Glory Be to God!

  10. Am in tears to hear this wonderfull testimony…what a Mighty God we serve,Angels bow before Him, Heaven and Earth Adore Him,What a Mighty God We Serve! Halleluiah. Thank you Jesus,Glory to God Almighty.

  11. God is truly amazing we as believers must stand on the word of God that we may see the salvation of the Lord! GOD IS JUST AWESOME! Praise his name forever more

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  13. A men my brother we
    serve a mighty and a
    Power god.let god be
    Praise. We are liveing in the last
    Days continue preaching god words.

  14. To God be all the glory Amen. The Almighty God is right here now, in our midst,and by the supreme sacrifice of the blood of Jesus any child of God have the ability to silence the enemy in whatever fashion,shape or form the seek to approach us on in the name of Jesus we disposess the enemies of his weapon.

  15. At the mention of his name Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that he is God!!!! Preach my brother

  16. We serve a mighty and a powerful God this goes to prove once again that no power is stronger or higher than the power of Almighty God the devil is defeated one more time thank you Jesus, let us continue to pray for this young man

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  20. Our father is alive and he is still in control.Arise his people go forth and proclaim his word he is with you always.The Lord God is mighty and reigns forever more Thank you Jesus for showing who u are and for changing the lives of many who saw and mostly of that rastaman.

  21. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call. Joel 2:32

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    My eyes full will tears I give him praise straight away thank you Jesus
    God is not dead he’s alive

  23. People need to understand that religion means nothing, it is man made. There are only two forces in this world good and evil (love and hate), love is of the Creator and hate is of the Devil. Religion was fabricated as a means to blind people from true spirituality, it is a tool used to incite hate and discord. The guy who attacked the preacher was clearly blinded by religion which ultimately lead him to hate. The fact is we are all one family, we are all here because of the Creator, thus we should all choose love and reject hate.

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    This testimony has empowered me to know that I need not fear what tactics the devil might bring upon me but just to trust in Jesus

    .Keep on preaching and living for the Lord

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