Five Singing Sisters Who Love God Make ‘Jcksn Avenue’ Click


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Singing sisters Jcksn Avenue.

In their song “All These Dreams” a singing group of five sisters called Jcksn Avenue delivers an uplifting and soothing serving of inspiration for anyone with a dream.

Since 2001 though, the group of young siblings – Madi, Moriah, Kristian, Hannah and Jess – have been working together on theirs and perhaps it’s what makes “All These Dreams” so special.

“It’s a song that is very, very dear to us because we all wrote it with our father, another friend of ours and someone else named P.J. Morton who is a member of Maroon 5. We all wrote that together and it’s basically about dreams and how no matter what you’re going through, and how hard it may seem, how scary it may get, it’s only temporary. So just go forth. Go do it,” said Moriah in an interview with ABC local Memphis.

They are also pretty grounded in their Christian faith while staying connected to the pulse of what’s happening in the culture which gives their music a socially mobile edge.

“The style of music it ranges. We go from pop to contemporary Christian to Gospel. The message is all the same, steeped in love. We are Christian people but we do a large range of music from rock to pop to R&B,” Moriah explained.

And that may be because they simply practice what they preach. This description of the group on their website captures the essence of what they are about: “Their love for God and music translates in the way they communicate to people on and off of the stage, practicing what they preach.”

They are currently working on an album which sister Kristian says they are taking their time to get right because they want “everything to be perfect.”

Listen to “All These Dreams” then watch them inspire some high school students in a performance below. There’s a bit of gospel music below too. Be inspired.

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