UPDATE: Rastafarian Dies a Week After Epic Conversion to Christianity


August Town Kingston, considered Mount Zion in Jamaica by Bedwardites and still revered by some in the Rasta Movement.

A week after his epic conversion to Christianity during a violent attack on a Christian man with a knife for preaching Jesus on a commuter bus, former Rastafarian Conroy Bent reportedly passed away in his sleep.

Valomar Thompson, 36, the Christian man who prayed with Bent after the former Rastafari adherent attacked him on a bus in the city of Portmore in Jamaica on Jan. 23, told Mustard Seed Stories Tuesday that Bent was also suffering from lung cancer but he only found this out after learning that Bent passed away on Saturday morning.

“The same gentleman passed away in his sleep. I did not know that he was suffering from lung cancer. So he passed away last night which is Saturday (Jan. 30) night. He passed away. It goes to show the great length that God will go to rescue one soul,” Thompson said in a recording shared with MSS.

“It really is bothering me because I am intimate with this situation. At the same time I am rejoicing because I’m believing that God wouldn’t go to this length to have him end up in hell…It’s just amazing to know that this took place and he is now gone,” Thompson noted.

“It’s unbelievable. That is why the devil was acting up so much. I guess he knew that this was the last chance for this man to repent. And thanks be to God that he has given his life to Jesus.”

Thompson explained in an earlier MSS report that in his first encounter with Bent on the commuter bus on Jan. 23, the then Rastafarian told him there is no God, vulgarly dismissed him as a beggar and warned him not to preach Jesus in his presence.

When Thompson refused to stop preaching, Bent pulled a knife and threatened to take his life. God however intervened in a shocking way and forced the angry Bent to repent on the spot and soon after trim his locks.

Read, Rastafarian Attacks Christian Father With Knife in Jamaica and God Steps In for full details on the complete encounter.

Bent will be buried in Jamaica on Feb. 19. Photos may will be available then.



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  1. Awesome in all his ways, and truly, truly mighty is our God. Oh how great He is to praise. Well done brave soldier☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  2. There are people who confuse about how Rast and Christianity go hand in hand. Samson was having 7 locks because God did not need him to cut his hair. He was been used by God as a vessel spiritually. Hence Raster. In those days the Israelitest/Hebrews did not put razor on their head. Selassie is from the Tribe of Judah same blood line that God promise to come through which is Jesus (God in the flesh). Yes God was on earth in the form that we could see and touch him. WOW!!! SOME PEOPLE DO NOT OVERSTANDING, THEY UNDERSTAND. See Bob Marley wanted to promote Jesus but believe Selassie is Jesus because The bible teaches His kingdom come on earth, they will be done. God set his physical kingdom when he made David a man after HIS own heart to rule and made him a promise, see salmon, hence Selassie. So Selassie is a worshiper of The one true living God. Go further when Jesus was on earth did he not say that ” I am” did HE not say when you see ME you see the father. That HE and the father is ONE. Wow!!!. FAITH my friend.

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