‘It’s More Important That People Know That I’m a Christian’ Says Country Singer Aaron Watson


Aaron Watson
Country singer Aaron Watson.

There’s nothing more important to Christian country singer Aaron Watson than his faith so every time he steps on the stage to perform he sees it as an opportunity to glorify God.

“It’s more important that people know that I’m a Christian before they know that I’m a country singer. I mean there’s nothing more important than my faith and definitely as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that God’s given me a great opportunity every night when I get on that stage to let my light shine, to have a positive influence on the crowd and to let them know what Jesus has done for me and my family…there’s nothing more important than my faith,” the 38-year-old singer explained in a recent interview with FOX411.

Watson who recently released his latest album “Underdog” says incorporating his faith in his personal life has been “a winning formula” for him.

“You know, now that I’m making music and I’m a dad and a husband, that’s kind of my foundation that I lean on. You know, I always tell everyone that with anything and everything I do, concerning my music and really it’s my personal life, it’s my faith, my family, and my fans and just giving God the glory in everything we do. It’s a winning formula that’s worked out well for us,” he said.

It’s no surprise then that Watson’s “Underdog” album reflects his wholesome values.

“With this record I just wanted to push myself to be a better singer, a better songwriter…I really stay away from drinking songs, cheating songs there’s enough of that kind of craziness in that world I don’t need to add to it. I want to make the kind of music you can listen to it in front of your grandmama around your kids…I try to just focus on good things,” he said.

The world, he said, is “crazy” and he works hard at trying to pass on his values to his children by being a role model and exposing them to good influences.

“You know, it’s just the best thing you can do for your children is be their role model. We try to get them to church every opportunity we can get them to church, surround them with good people, say our prayers every night, read them Bible stories but I think the best thing is a little song, “Be careful little ears what you hear, be careful little eyes what you see” and I think, I’m their daddy, it’s my job to protect them,” he said.

“And at the same time to expose them to the things they need to be ready for when they’re grown. In this crazy world that we live in now, it is a fight between good and evil,” he added.




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