A Year After Death of Her Father, Gospel Singer Tasha Cobbs Roars Back With New Album ‘One Place Live’

Tasha Cobbs Album Cover - FacebookLast January, less that two days after celebrated Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs won her first Stellar award for “New Artist of The Year” she got the devastating news that her father, Bishop Fritz Cobbs had died. The “Break Every Chain” singer soldiered on through her grief however and used her trial to channel inspiration into her latest album “One Place Live” that will be released on Aug. 21 and now she is “excited.”

“I’m excited about it. You know with this album I’m a worship leader that’s who I am but with this one I keep telling people, I think it’s the extension of Grace (last album), you know, like what else do you have to say?” she said in an interview with 1190 WLIB.

“With this one, you will hear another level of maturity, last year you know we went through a very public loss of my father and with that loss the depth of my relationship with Jesus just grew and I think that relationship is what you’re gonna hear on this project,” she explained.

“I tell people I had two choices. I could have ran away from Jesus, ran away from church and ministry or run into one place with Jesus and I chose to run to Jesus. That’s where I found the peace to keep me sane. The joy that is unspeakable and I believe that’s what you’ll hear on the project,” she continued.

“You’ll hear the songs that help you stay in a place of worship even though you may be going through some challenges in your life. To help you stay focused on being at the feet of Jesus,” Cobbs noted.

“We preach about peace, we sing about peace but there’s no peace that you will find like the middle of grief and you can’t understand why am I still walking in ministry and talking and smiling and it’s real. It’s because it is the peace that passeth all understanding. The one that we’ve been preaching about all these years…I had to walk it out in front of the world,” she said.


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