Kirk Franklin knows ‘Milly Rock’ dance during concert was wrong


Kirk Franklin 2 - Tap - YouTube
Gospel singer, Kirk Franklin does the “Milly Rock” while performing “Melodies From Heaven” during his “20 Years In One Night” concert tour at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C, on March 19, 2016.

Immediately after he had the unguarded moment at one of his concerts in Washington D.C., gospel singer Kirk Franklin admitted his behavior was inappropriate.

“Did you see what happened when that beat changed?” he asked the crowd near the end of a YouTube clip from the concert which took place two Saturdays ago.

“Yeah,” they screamed in supportive agreement.

What happened?

As his band of singers belted out the lyrics to “Melodies From Heaven” from his 1996 album “Whatcha Lookin’ 4” to a sold out crowd at the Warner Theatre, Franklin turned on his “party praise” and danced like he was in a secular club.

“Now let’s get our party praise on! D.C. where you at!” he shouted.

Franklin then leaned back and romped his way through a series of secular dance moves including one many reports have identified as the “Milly Rock.” At one point during the performance, the singer leered a look that bordered on the lecherous with an uncanny grin.

The “Milly Rock,” is the signature dance move created by Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly and his squad. He created a song of the same name as an anthem for the dance which was released in August 2014. The song blew up in 2015, after a number of celebrities, like Rihanna, started doing the dance.

“Did you see how you felt when that beat changed?”

“Yeah!” came the approving response again.

“See, see, see that’s been my problem my whole life,” he said in apparent jest as the clip ended.

A day later Franklin posted a clip of himself on Facebook dancing at the concert declaring “D.C…. LIT!” and it sparked a huge debate among his fans.

“Entertainment 100%, but nowadays, I don’t see any difference between Christian Concert and Non-Christian’s. Look and act the same. Kirk I love you and all, but… Who am I to judge, God will. ‘You are in this world, but you are not from it.’ ‘Don’t do what they do and act the same’ etc etc… God bless you. Always remember the BOUNDARIES,” wrote Esther Olivier.

One commenter writing as NChrist IStand appeared to offer the singer a bit more grace: “I went to the concert last night in DC and the music was AWESOME and he was transparent and he kept the focus on God in spite of his dance moves!! Everyone just keep Kirk in prayer if you see things that YOU don’t like, JUST LIKE SOMEONE DID FOR YOU IN THE PARDON OF YOUR SINS!!”

Some fans also tried unsuccessfully to justify Franklin’s indiscretion to King David’s worship in 2 Samuel 6 when he danced “before the Lord with all his might” but Franklin appeared to disagree in a follow-up post on Facebook two days after he posted the dance clip.

[pullquote]“Lord, forgive my heart for being like David at times and numbering the people…excited about the responses and not making sure you’re applauding as well. What pleases you more is what happens…when the show is over. Amen.”[/pullquote]

“Been looking and laughing and enjoying reading posts and videos of the tour which I appreciate, and realized I haven’t spent any time in the word these last few days. I want to be careful that I remember this is about Him,” Franklin said.

“It can feel good to read praise and feel bad to read how people misunderstand you.. And that middle secret place is resting in knowing as you chase HIM, you’ll always be IN HIM. ‘Abide in me, and I’ll abide in you…’ He says. So today, I just wanted to abide. To get off self and focus on the purpose of it all. If it wasn’t for the kindness of Christ, there would be no 20 years,” he said.

Franklin then added: “Lord, forgive my heart for being like David at times and numbering the people…excited about the responses and not making sure you’re applauding as well. What pleases you more is what happens…when the show is over. Amen.”

The story of David numbering the people comes from 2 Samuel 24:10 when David became “conscience-stricken” for taking a census of Israel.

“David was conscience-stricken after he had counted the fighting men, and he said to the Lord, ‘I have sinned greatly in what I have done. Now, Lord, I beg you, take away the guilt of your servant. I have done a very foolish thing,’” explains the Scripture.

According to God became angry at David for his actions because in those times, a man only had the right to count or number what belonged to him.

“Israel did not belong to David; Israel belonged to God…It was up to God to command a census, and if David counted he should only do it at God’s command, receiving a ransom to ‘atone’ for the counting. This is why God was angry again with Israel and is also why David was ‘conscience-stricken’ after he counted Israel. David knew it was wrong and begged God to take away the guilt of his sin (2 Samuel 24:10),” explained gotquestions.

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