In ‘Blessing From God’ Mormon Missionary Mason Wells Survives 3rd Terror Attack

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Mason Wells (L) .

Mormon missionary Mason Wells, 19, is a living “blessing from God” and perhaps a little bit of a magnet for terror.

The young American who was previously impacted by terror attacks in Paris and Boston was injured in the bombing at the Brussels airport along with two other Mormon missionaries in Belgium on Tuesday and his parents believe it’s a “blessing from God” why he is alive today.

“He shared with us that he was extremely close to the blast where he was burned by it,” Mason’s father, Chad Wells told ABC News. “It’s a blessing from God he’s alive.”

Mason, said Chad, suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, shrapnel injures, as well as second- and third-degree burns on his face and hands after the bombing but managed to stay “calm and composed” in the aftermath of the attack that claimed the lives of 31 people, three suicide bombers and injured about 300 others.

“This is the third time that sadly in our society that we have a connection to a bomb blast,” said Chad who explained he was with his son just a block away from the Boston Marathon bombing. “We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving.”

During the Boston Marathon bombing, Mason was with his father waiting for his mother Kymberly a block away from the finish line, where the bombing took place.

“It had shaken their bodies and he (her husband) had taken Mason to our hotel and said to stay there,” Kymberly Wells recalled. “Mason was very calm and composed.”

“Mason has always assured us that he is safe and careful,” Kymberly said. “I told him first and foremost always be aware of your surroundings, please be very careful when you’re traveling be very observant to people around you.”

Chad says his son is expected to make a full recovery and noted that Mason is a “strong kid.”

“I think the Boston experience helped him to stay calm,” Chad Well said.

A Mormon official told him that Mason, “despite being on the ground and bleeding actually had a sense of humor and remained calm through the situation. That’s our Mason.”

And despite his injuries Mason is looking forward to joining the U.S. Naval Academy despite his injuries.

“The way we get back on our feet after something like this happens is a true test of character,” said Chad. “He was blessed significantly by God. We see a blessing by this, not a terrible curse.”



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