They Were Ready to Bag Him Up, My Mother Said ‘Jesus’ and He Just Gasped

Marc Lyons, 24.  -Mustard Seed Stories photo

A month and a half or two ago, there were cops and an ambulance outside my house. Me and my mother were just up wondering what is going on. It was pretty early in the morning. Like very early – 8, 9 o’clock. I’m like what the hell is going on so early in the morning, what could possibly be happening?

It was actually for my neighbor’s house. My neighbor is on the floor blue. He’s lying there, they (first responders) are pronouncing him dead already. No pulse, no breathing, no nothing. Guy is blue. There laying on the floor, they’re ready to pronounce him dead basically.

My mother [who is a nurse, trying to help] closed her eyes, said a little prayer and said ‘Jesus!’

This man laying there just gasped.  I mean I really couldn’t sound anymore cliché than that.


Thinking of the circumstances, in order to really choke out – as a life guard CPR certified, trained and all those things – in order to die basically on choking and not being able to breathe, that would take anywhere from like 30 seconds afterwards.

Marc Lyons. -Mustard Seed Stories photo

It would take you a little while after [you go unconscious] before your heart stops beating, roughly around two minutes. So you can actually die, but the brain stays active for roughly five minutes.

So this man is laying there, no pulse, no breathing, nothing. Still body, stiff already. My mother says “Jesus!” I don’t even know how long this guy was laying there. Could have been longer than five minutes, could have been anything, and he just breathes. Like all the blue just gone. This man is now alive again and they’re ready to start treating him. People were two seconds ago ready to “yeah he’s dead. Let’s bag him up.”


He’s home now. He had to get a heart surgery. He needed a new valve.

That’s something I’ve seen for myself. I was like who else but [God]. That’s not a coincidence. That’s my own belief. I feel like if my mother said nothing that man would not be here today.

God is the creator of all. He is the beginning. He will be the end. I can’t say what’s happened for you in your lifetime but my vision of God has done things for me. He’s definitely brought me out of some places. He’s let me know that He is real. I’ve experienced the Holy Spirit. I love God. I will never tarnish his name. I will never do anything of the sort. My life is God’s.

[Editor’s note: This story, as told by Marc, was lightly edited for content and clarity]


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