This Worship Team Wants to Praise Without Limits

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A new Virginia-based worship group called Rally Worship is seeking to break loose from the chains of traditional worship through a ministry aimed at middle and high school students.

“As a team, we want nothing more than to remind people of how great our God is and how worthy He is to be praised. We are passionate about worship – and we show it,” the group says on their website.

They are the worship team for The Rally ministry in Northern Virginia which provides a safe and “life-changing experience” for teenagers every Thursday at the Montclair Tabernacle Church.

“Starting at 5pm, students have the option to join in many activities including sports tournaments, outdoor games, tutoring, career prep classes, tutoring, music lessons, various workshops, and more! Food is offered every week, at no charge! A schedule of the next week’s activities and workshops is provided the week before,” the ministry says.

At 7 p.m. Rally Worship takes over and leads the students into a period of worship and Bible study. And on the last Thursday of every month, the teenagers are placed in relevant age groups to discuss applying the word to their everyday life.

No Limits

“To me, Rally Worship is just what happens when you take off all the limits. Rally worship was born out of this idea that we can worship without restraint. We can worship without the boundaries. Restraints and boundaries are things of prisons. That’s not freedom. We never have a musical idea and say ‘well, no, we can do that … because that wouldn’t be done in church,’” the worship group explains.

“We don’t think like that. What would it look like if we worshipped and didn’t worry about what anybody thought? We weren’t worried about the norm? We weren’t worried about what people would say: ‘Oh that doesn’t sound like church. That doesn’t sound like worship music.’ What if we just let go of man’s opinion? Stop bowing down to everybody else and just worshipped God? And just worried about what He thought? …No restraints, no boundaries. Complete freedom, celebrating Jesus and not worrying about anything else,” the group said.

Take a listen to some of their new music below:

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