International Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has terminal cancer

Tim Tebow (L) and Ravi Zacharias (R) (via Instagram/ravizacharias)

Christians from around the world are now reacting after a recent announcement that Ravi Zacharias, a renowned evangelical apologist and founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is dying from cancer.

“We have just learned that while the tumor in my dad’s sacrum has been responding to the chemotherapy, the area where the cancer metastasized has actually worsened. His oncologist informed us that this cancer is very rare in its aggression and that no options for further treatment remain. Medically speaking, they have done all they are able,” Zacharias’ daughter Sarah Davis who is also CEO of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries announced in a letter to the organization Friday.

The announcement which was shared on Facebook and other social media has already attracted thousands of reactions including former NFL quarterback and New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow who held back tears in a video post on Twitter.

“I think it’s really important in life to have heroes, especially in the faith and one of my heroes of the faith is a man named Ravi Zacharias. And he’s not doing very well,” Tebow said.

“I would 1) ask you to be praying for him and 2) I know Ravi has inspired me and millions of people around the world, and so if he’s someone that has inspired you, I would like for you to write a sweet caption on this and please mention how he has changed your life because I would love to be able to show this to him and his team.

“I just want to share so many of these stories. How he’s touched your life, how he’s touched my life to be able to encourage him before he goes home to his forever home with his heavenly father,” he said.

Here are some other reactions from Christian leaders to the announcement:

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  1. Our family is praying for you. The Lord has ministered to us through your sermons and books. Thank you for your faithfulness. God is sovereign over all.

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